What are the main features of Karwan e Quran?

A brief description of some of the features of Karwan e Quran is: 1. Announcements: here you will receive important updates from our team. 2. Audio Lectures: you can access different categories of lectures using this option. 3. Read Quran: you can recite,bookmark and share ayats of Quran along with Urdu and English translations. 4. Quiz: answer questions after listening audio lectures carefully.


Does Karwan e Quran Portal has Windows and Blackberry Apps?

Currently, Karwan-e-Quran portal is serving Web, Android and iOS apps. If you are interested in the Windows app, please send us your feedback using the contact form.


How to register myself on Karwan e Quran app?

On the settings icon (menu) on the top-right there is a "Register" button using which you can create a FREE account. You only need a valid email address to make an account. A verification link will be sent to your email address using which you can activate your account.


How to bulk download audio lectures?

You need to get registered/ signup to be able to download any lecture. Tap and hold an audio lecture from the list to select that lecture. In order to select multiple lectures tap other lectures that you want to download otherwise use checkbox to select all lectures in the list and then press download button to start bulk downloading.


How do I view translation?

Go to 'Read Quran' and select any Surah that you want to recite. Use overflow icon (three dots) at the top right corner of your mobile app screen in order to show / hide / change translation language.


How do I make the text larger in audio lectures?

While listening any audio lecture you can simply pinch / spread two fingers to zoom in or out.


How do I participate in quiz?

You need to get registered/ signup to be able to attempt quizzes. Once registered you can participate by logging into your account from any device. Your performance also gets synced across platforms.


How to turn off push notifications?

There is an option in the settings menu on the top right using which you can turn off push notifications.


How do I bookmark or share an ayah?

Go to 'Read Quran' and select any Surah that you want to recite. Tap and hold an ayah, an option to bookmark or share that ayah will appear on your screen.


What is the current font used for the Arabic text?

The default Quran text displayed in Karwan e Quran is Taha Usman Khat which is easier to read on browsers. If you are interested in any other font, please send us your feedback using the contact form.


What is the source of content for Karwan e Quran project?

The description / translation is provided by the Moulana himself whereas Arabic text is extracted from Tanzil.net.


I have identified mistake(s) in Arabic fonts. How to get it rectified?

If you have identified any problem in font then help us improve by sending your observation using the contact form. Our team will try its best to rectify mistake(s) identified by you. Arabic fonts issues: Typical Arabic fonts usually have some deficiencies in displaying Quranic texts. Some of these issues are listed below. Shadda + Kasra In most Arabic fonts, when Kasra is combined with Shadda, Kasra is displayed above the base line, just below the Shadda, which might cause it to be mistaken by Fatha. For example, in the following word ذُرِّيَّة there is a Shadda+Kasra above Reh, while there is a Shadda+Fatha above Yeh. The distinguishing difference is that in the combination of Shadda+Fatha, Fatha is put above Shadda, while in Shadda+Kasra, Kasra is below Shadda. The same issue applies to the combination of Kasratan (tanween) + Shadda. Superscript Alef: One of the oldest standards for Arabic encoding called “Arabic-1256” does not have any code-point for Superscript Alef which is necessary for representing a complete quran text. As a result, some older Arabic fonts do not include Superscript Alef by default.


More questions?

If your question is not answered above, please send us your question using the contact form. Please note that we receive lots of emails, so we may not be able to reply to all of them.